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We know that many people will not be able to afford to get a lot of help from solicitors.If you are just in the process of splitting up this may feel impossible. And when it happened for the third or fourth time, I’m ashamed to say I shouted at them and went home by myself.Whatever your responsibilities, there are times when you need to follow your heart – this is one of them. In fact it’s the only policy if you need to convince someone that you deserve a promotion or pay rise.Don’t push too hard, just say what you have to say and let them think about it.

Changes to legal aid mean that most people cannot get free or subsidised help from solicitors unless there has been abuse within the relationship.Ask yourself what you’d most like to achieve in life, then go out and do it. If you limit yourself to the tried and tested, you may miss something that could have made your life richer and more enjoyable.Just because something is different does not make it bad, nor does it make it a threat to your existing beliefs.CALL 09* You need to get your life in order by imposing some kind of discipline on your daily routine and most intimate relationships.Partners and loved ones may not appreciate this obsession with perfection, but that does not matter. CALL 09* Travel, social activities and communications are well starred this week, so don’t tie yourself down to situations where you have to put duty before pleasure.

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