1930s dating rules

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This was the man’s responsibility as he was the one doing the ‘courting’ and it was his responsibility that a good night was planned, and that he paid for everything.

A lot of men insisted that they pay for a night out, and would usually suggest evening ideas.

Foreheads which had been hidden by cloche hats were revealed and adorned with small plate shaped hats.

Clothes were keen on emphasizing the feminine figure, sweet and tidy in the daylight with a return to a glamour look at night.

Wealthy women hadn’t the need to wear practical “day” clothes, although styles had been designated for day and night.

In 1933, she promoted a foreign concept to all of pantdom in what we call the zip or zipper. Her use of the new plastic colored zip in fashion clothes was both decorative, functional and highly novel!

The metal zip had been invented in 1893; by 1917, however it was sheepishly used for shoes, tobacco pouches which were increasing popular, and U. They soon became universally used and are now a very reliable form of fastening.

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