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It is easy to understand why many see aging as a bad, even frightful thing. —and that worry can be a constant fear for those of us in midlife (and those of us who are fast approaching it). Christiane Northrup promised “will change your mind and your brain in the best possible way,” Staying Sharp is the practical guidebook for building and maintaining a sharp, healthy, and vibrant mind. There is a widespread notion that the brain in particular deteriorates as we age.

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Becoming more vitally alive, feeling sharper and more mentally focused, and even awakening joy, is easier than you think.

He conducts his practice at Partners in Healing, the center for holistic health that he cofounded in Minneapolis, MN. There are ways in which aging is actually full of possibility, because our brains are always able to learn and our minds are continually capable of gaining wisdom.

Staying Sharp - 1 - Most of us can’t pinpoint the exact moment we began to feel older. It creeps up on us, an accumulation of little details and changes, until one day we look around and find ourselves asking, almost daily: Where did I put my keys again? Those abilities can enhance our lives, even as we lose a few neurons along the way.

A growing list of physical ailments, though none were serious, had eroded her naturally high levels of energy and optimism, leaving her feeling exhausted and depleted.

She concluded her story with a statement that was part despair and part defiance: “I am more than this.” Yet having tried the conventional medical routes to no avail, she’d begun to wonder, “Will I ever improve, or is this just what I have to accept as an inevitable part of aging?

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