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Both fifth and sixth grade students were required to demonstrate eligibility to participate by turning in a petition that clearly indicated they met the requirements of being a student who was academically sound, exhibited positive signs of good citizenship, and expressed their goals for the position of their interest in an essay.The speeches were top notch and our attending audience listened attentively.We look forward to working with our school parents in improving student achievement. Right from day one of the school year, they were prepared to support the health needs of our students.

Toro Canyon is a home for the students of the community where care and love go hand-in-hand with learning.

John Kelley Blazers participated in a coin drive to raise funds to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

This is a testament to the care and compassion of our students for those who lost their homes, personal belongings and security.

Click for more Information The Flying Doctors & CV Medical Volunteers host the Free Health Fair for Families without insurance.

They provide free medical services such as; mammograms, Chiropractic services, physical therapy, dental and vision &hearing services.

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