Adult dating sites that accept american express

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We worked with the industry, but the challenges remained, and we just decided it was no longer profitable or practical to work with this industry." Tom Fisher, general manager for credit card processing firm CCBill, said he received a notice from American Express earlier this week announcing the new policy.American Express accounts for a small percentage of his business, Fisher said, but "certainly any loss of business has an impact on any of the Internet companies." "I understand some of the Webmasters are really upset," he said.

The surcharges mentioned are for American Express payments only.However, an applicant must be 18 years or older, an Australian resident or citizen, have a good credit rating and must meet the minimum income requirement for the card..You can compare and apply for an American Express card online here.Like other credit cards, American Express credit cards come in different variations including, high-income earner cards (Platinum, Black), low rate and fee cards, Frequent Flyer cards and store cards (David Jones).As of 19 November 2015, you can use your American Express card to pay via Apple Pay on your i Phone, i Pad or Apple Watch.

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