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Nothing that he did justifies keeping such a bitter man teaching children and his treatment of Harry was awful.The other part of the Epilogue I don't like is Ron's casual use of magic to trick his way into a driver's license and Hermione's 'Ron, I was sure you could do it'. Hermione having to lie to stroke his ego after twenty years together comes across as very pathetic.I don't really like reading stories with Harry and other characters or Ginny with others.I like Hermione and Ron as Harry's best friends, but I am just not sure they are good together.She and Ginny certainly became friends and I'm sure shared a lot of confidences while sharing a room during the summers from the fourth book on, but I can't see that they were best friends.

I don't like the name Albus Severus for Harry and Ginny's second son.

Hermione and Ron are not in all of my stories and they are not paired together in all of them.

I enjoy reading fanfics that have Harry and Ginny get together earlier than in canon, but it gets a bit creepy when people have 12 year olds snogging all over the castle.

I love the idea of time travel, but it is hard to write a good time travel book.

Things I don't like in fanfics: perfect Hermione who knows all and does nothing wrong and Hermione and Ginny as best friends from Ginny's first year on - Hermione was best friends with Harry and Ron for her school years.

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