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Phone numbers are only exchanged when two parties wish to make contact.

Berkshire Bank has been offering insurance since 2000, first through its Goldleaf Insurance Agency, which was renamed in 2005 to Berkshire Insurance Group, a Berkshire Bank Affiliate.

We have three divisions, each passionate and determined to meet the needs of all their members.

We are all experienced in bringing together people from a variety of backgrounds.

One man who was exposed in the hacking has now spoken out about what happened to him in an article for the LA Times. He’d been married for 19 years, and although he’d been faithful to his wife the whole time, the excitement in their relationship had fizzled: “Call it a midlife crisis, poor judgment or a cheater’s heart. We had not taken a vacation without children in years.” Thomas retired from his corporate job early, bought a Harley Davidson and got a tattoo - so far, so midlife crisis.

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Have you ever wondered how many Fortune 500 companies are in your state?

Or how often those companies made the cut over the last 20 years?

You may be surprised to see how far some have come—and how far others have fallen.

The agencies included Reynolds, Barnes & Hebb and Mc Cormick, Smith & Curry Insurance Agency, Pittsfield; Minkler Insurance Agency, Stockbridge; H. Andrews Agency, Great Barrington; and Mass One Insurance Agency, Greenfield.

Currently Berkshire Insurance Group has throughout Berkshire County and the Pioneer Valley, and offers insurance across the Northeast.

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