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The problem, unfortunately, is that the cultish worship of “alpha” is incredibly toxic, poisoning interactions between men and women and actually making it It’s tempting to ascribe behaviors to “nature” as a way to give the the gloss of authority and excuse one’s desires with “we’ll, this is just how it’s supposed to be, can’t do nuthin’ about it.” But if one is going to attempt this, it helps to actually understand what the real natural behavior is instead of making assumptions based on what we WANT to be true and ultimately begging the question.

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The prototypical Alpha Female, if matched with an Alpha Male, sounds like a recipe for disaster.Or, let’s consider a Beta, who is essentially the Alpha’s sidekick and agrees with her every move, and supports her as the ultimate decision maker in the relationship.Millennial Alpha Females have evolved into their own breed: not every Alpha follows the traditional description anymore, for some are only Alphas at work, only with friends, or only at home.Therefore, your your man should allow you to tackle problems without his help, but at the same time…Hey, Alpha Ladies, you may not know when to ask for help, which is why he will know when to give it.If he steps in too soon, you may recede, but if he doesn’t step in at all, you will be left floundering. A man who shares your excitement and pride when you are promoted, is a guy with balls.

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