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***Beginning August 15, 2013, the EVMP® Credential Certification awarded by EVMi® will include your EVMP – Industry™ specialization/track.***Beginning April 1st, 2014 all EVMP®s who were certified before August 15, 2013 must successfully complete their PART B Exercises for their EVMP – Industry™ specialization/track ***The Part B Exercises for EVMP – Industry™ can be waivered by completing additional requirements and certifications such as the Ch PCO and EVMD/EVMO certifications." This design and manufacturing process has produced ALL KNIGHT PROWLER PRODUCTS ARE CUSTOM DESIGNED FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE APPLICATIONS.PRODUCTS ARE NON-RETURNABLE AND NO WARRANTY IS IMPLIED OR EXPRESSED.If you find a webcam online (places, not people) that we do not have listed, please add it via the link on the left.If you find any dead links on the site, let us know. The EVMP® credential is awarded based on experience, education, completion of a rigorous 5 Day (40 hours) EVMP® credential certification preparation program, completion of several case studies; completion of several exercises; agreeing to EVMI®’s ethical qualifications and standards and successfully passing a THE EARNED VALUE MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL® EVMP® CREDENTIAL CERTIFICATION REFERENCES: EVMBOK® EARNED VALUE MANAGEMENT BODY OF KNOWLEDGE®; EVMI® PROJECT CASE STUDY METHOD™; EIA-748-C EARNED VALUE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (EVMS) INDUSTRY STANDARDS; EVMI® INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL; GPMS® GLOBAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS®; AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT BEST PRACTICES *The EVMP® credential certification program provides you with all the skills sets and tools required to build a comprehensive, scalable and robust EIA-748-C Earned Value Management System (EVMS) based on all 32 guidelines of the EIA-748-C Industry Standards.The EVMP® credential covers modules on roles and functions of the Control Account Manager (CAM) and developing the Control Account Manager (CAM) notebook.

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Upon successful completion of both EVMP® certification PARTs A and B, you will be awarded the EVMP® credential certification with an industry specialization or track: EVMP – Aerospace & Defense™ which is reflected on your EVMP® credential certification.

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Additionally, through the EVMP® program, knowledge is advanced in the areas of the implementation of industry’s EIA-748-C Earned Value management industry guidelines, EVM best practices, applied EVM and earned value best approaches.

EVMP® CREDENTIAL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM MODULES COVERED FROM DAY 1 THROUGH DAY 5 EVMP® CREDENTIAL CERTIFICATION MODULE 1: General Project Management & Project Controls Theory & Application: My EVMP Top Twenty™; General overview of Project Management; Project Management Processes & Phases; Managing Stakeholders; Project Management Planning; Project Organizations; Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS); Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Development & Decomposition; Managing Time & Building Schedules; Critical Paths; Managing Project Scope & Scope Creep; Managing Project Costs; Managing Project Risks; Managing Project Quality; Managing Project Contracts & Subcontracts; Managing Project’s Human Resources (Project Staffing); Managing Project’s Procurements and Supply Chain; Managing Project’s Communications & Reporting; Managing Conflicts on Projects; Soft Skills EVMP® CREDENTIAL CERTIFICATION MODULE 2: Project Financials & Controls: Project Financials & Controls: Project Financials Concepts, Project Accounting & Project Budgeting, Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) Establishment & Development; Cost Elements; Control Accounts & Work Packages (WP) Establishment, Planning Packages; Establishing Contract Budget Baseline (CBB); Management Reserve (MR); Contingencies; Role of Control Account Managers (CAM); Developing the Control Account Manager Notebook; Developing Control Account Plans (CAPs); Role of Project Manager EVMP® CREDENTIAL CERTIFICATION MODULE 3: Earned Value Concepts, Earned Value Analytics, Earned Value Management ANSI EIA 748-C Industry Standards: Earned Value Management Concepts; Earned Value Data Elements & Analytics (EV, PV, AC, SPI, CPI, TCPI, SV, CV, CV%, SV% and so on); Earned Value Claiming Methods (% Start, % Complete; LOE, Milestone EVM; % Complete and so on); Schedule Forecast; Earned Value Management Forecasting Computation (ETC; EAC); EIA 748-C EVM Industry Standards implementation (all 32 criteria); EIA 748-C EVM Industry Standards EVMS GAP Analysis; EIA 748-C EVM Industry Standards EVMS Compliance; EVMS Validation and Reporting; EVMS Architecture & Design; EVMS Reporting Types (Cost Performance Reports CPR Formats 1 -5), Project Crisis Management & Variances that Have Exceeded Established Management Thresholds EVMP® CREDENTIAL CERTIFICATION MODULE 4: Advanced Earned Value Management (EVM) Application: Advanced Earned Value Management (EVM) Application; Establishing EVMS Surveillance; EVMS Reporting; Variance Analysis Reports (VARs) & Corrective Action Taking; Variances Analysis Review and Management; EIA 748-C EVM Industry Standards Implementation & Execution; Establishing Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBRs) Management, Establishing Over Target Baselines (OTBs); Re-baselining; United States (US) Federal Government EVMS Mandates and Laws CASE STUDIES AND COMPLETION OF 4 HOUR EVMP® CREDENTIAL CERTIFICATION EXAMINATION.

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