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After a moment of comedic relief in which Kane Tombstoned Pete Rose (for the first time), the match got underway.

When that wasn't enough, Hart came out a second time to cause enough of a disruption to allow The Undertaker to hit the Tombstone piledriver for the victory.

Then came Brock Lesnar at Wrestle Mania XXX, and the streak was over, but there were still more stories left to be told.

As it stands, The Undertaker's record at Wrestle Mania stands at 23-2.

With the streak sitting at 15-0, The Undertaker absorbed everything Edge had to throw at him and then some, including a camera shot to the face.

One of the most iconic moments of this match, however, didn't involve either man, or Curt Hawkins or Zack Ryder, who both got involved.

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