Anniversary dating gift idea romantic

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Just make sure to have some champagne and strawberries in the house as well – they just always seem to come in handy when it comes to seduction.

Attach a card to the gift and write what made your meeting so special, funny, quirky, etc.

When it comes to the actual date, you need some privacy to enjoy unwrapping the gifts, so a crowded restaurant is not the best place.

Rather go for a walk in nature and give each other the gifts at scenic stops along the way, or rent a cottage for the weekend and exchange gifts at various times during your stay. This date is about celebrating what you love about your partner sexually – what turns you on about them.

Your partner may find skydiving romantic, but if the idea of throwing yourself out of an airplane doesn’t appeal to you, it’s not going to be a romantic date.

Especially not when you turn green from fear and end up fainting.

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