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I’ve gone to a couple of signing shows just for fun and they bring up things to sign that I’ve never seen before. FOX411: You and Farrah were such a glamorous couple, like a real life Ken and Barbie. It was probably like Brad and Jennifer when they were together. Majors: I played well enough to get my education through that.

The press was all over us and of course she was doing a show also which was pretty popular. Back then you were working so hard you didn’t even realize how popular the show was.

He called me after they got picked up for a second season. He said, ‘We got picked up for 15, can you believe that? He said, ‘Maybe you can do one.’ I said, ‘Well, I’d love to.’ About three weeks before he passed away we texted back and forth. I think both of us, we had a hero in Ernest Borgnine who worked till he was 93 and then passed away. I can’t believe it but when I look at my SAG card it says 1963!

Majors: It was very innovative as far as the technology.

Plus she admitted writing the anon note to the police that implicated the son, Adam, which claimed that Adam had told her he did it and he provided her with all the details.

Who would take a murder weapon to the parking lot of a police station? Three of Mary's sisters insist that Kaitlyn is innocent and plan to do anything they can to get her out.It was interesting to see the twists in the investigation, but ultimately there really was no explanation for the poison searches on Kaitlyn's devices, such as her cell phone.The defense argument was that she was framed, but even they couldn't decide whether to blame the husband or the son.I think it was a family show, which most of my series have been.Everybody could sit and watch it and I think it was good clean fun.

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