Are gary lightbody and lisa hannigan still dating

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" thread where you’ll find my utter distate for this man). After the show Honey and I were like lets go home, then when we headed outside we were like let’s just pass by the exit and see if anyone is waiting. Honey and I sort of tag teamed her in the fact that when I would finish talking honey would continue.Anyway, I decided to check out the Snow Patrol forum earlier today in hopes of finding something new about this mess. Some people who’ve been going to the Snow Patrol shows in the U. commented on how they ran into Lisa and talked to her personally about what was going on. There were some waiting so we thought we would wait for like a half hour. so I don’t really remember who said what but I’ll do my best.

Honey and I looked at each other and we were like they haven’t been together in a long time. I thought that it had to be a horrible internet rumor but Cara said that it was on Damien’s site. There were definite tears in her eyes and I almost lost it and I think Hon had tears in her eyes as well.

And she should be starting on some solo work within the next couple of weeks. so really who knows, but at least it’s a little closer to knowing then not knowing anything. Honey and I were both able to get pictures with her. When it was time for her to leave she gave us both a hug and we told her she’s amazing and we love her. We called Cara right away and honey told her what happened and we freaked about it and Cara laughed at us. When I woke up this morning I was all depressed, I still am a bit.

She looked tired, she looked like she needed support and that’s what we were trying to give her. Honey told me that I was touching her the whole time and I don’t even remember doing that. To lighten the mood I started asking questions about Shane. Once in the van I made eye contact with her and I waved and she waved back and the van was off. I feel a little like I did after not meeting U2 when I slept on the street. And then learning that Shane is engaged just made it hurt a little bit more.

There was yelling, sadness, and general disbelief, and I think I might have screamed "YOU’RE FUCKING LYING! Anyway, it was probably a little scary from where Cara was sitting. The lead singer of Ok Go jumped out into the audience and nearly clobbered me and 20 other people on his way back to the stage. After the show, Yetta felt compelled to talk to Emma, the girl who got to sing on stage with Gary during "Set Fire to the Third Bar." I did not feel any such compulsion. But I have to admit that during the song I was wishing that either Martha Wainwright or Lisa Hannigan was on the stage singing away. Yetta and I weren’t planning to do any band stalking afterwards because I was still (and am still) recovering from being sick, and my total lack of sleep the entire weekend was catching up to me.

It was such horrible and sad news to us, and Yetta and I immediately thought, "What the hell did Damien do? Having met both these musicians, I can safely say that even if Damien didn’t do anything I still refuse to blame Lisa. It was one of those situations where I just wanted to call her up and say "How are you? But we decided to check out the situation around MSG, just in case.

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