Are turtle and jamie lynn dating still

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Aldridge lost control of his F-150 truck and it went off the shoulder of a road.

He is currently in stable condition at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Mississippi.

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Like Bristol and Levi, the little sister of Britney Spears was briefly engaged to her baby daddy, only to break things off ... Last week, we reported that Jamie Lynn Spears split from her boyfriend and found herself a new man.

well, ever, have Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears decided to tie the knot together in a dual ceremony soon? Updating a previous story, it's looking more and more like Casey Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears, having already produced a child together, are reuniting!

The teen mom is back together with her baby daddy after breaking up last year and having a brief fling with businessman James Watson, Star reports.

No, Jamie Lynn Spears and Matthew Underwood have not shared a kiss before.

Matthew Underwood has stated in an interview that in a Zoey 101 episode they were suppose to share a kiss, but at the time she was only13 and he was 14 and she thought that would be gross so they cut they out of the scene. Probably not for a while; Nick doesn't air Zoey 101 anymore as the humor is aimed at an older audience, so Teen Nick airs it.

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