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You don’t need to be very concerned about that as Armenians are friendly towards the tourists and even if you accidentally break some traditional rules they will kindly correct you and show the Armenian version of tackling the situation.However, to help you avoid awkward situations we offer some common Armenian traditions and customs you’ll need to know during your trip to Armenia.Come to Armenia and you will be able to learn about these and many others interesting and unique traditions of the locals!

Most young modern Armenian ladies do value their appearances to the point that they will spend their whole paycheck on one outfit, but this is not a bad quality for a woman to have.

Armenian Customs: Greeting and farewell Undoubtedly, the question of greeting and farewell traditions always interests tourists. At the first meeting with a new acquaintance Armenians always shake hands – this is the most common way to salute.

However, in case of real closeness and friendship, male friends kiss each other while greeting or leave-taking. It may seem very strange to foreigners, but kissing is a symbol of the friendship and long acquaintance for Armenians.

Armenian Customs: Armenian hospitality Armenians are well-known for their hospitality and respect for foreigners.

They are so glad to meet their foreign guests and try to do everything for making them feel as comfortable as possible and fall in love with Armenia.

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