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The lifespan pattern of British immigrants to Australia is similar to that of Austrians and Danes and significantly different from that of Australians.These findings are based on population data with more than a million observations and little or no selectivity.Yet we still have only limited knowledge about the factors that affect mortality and survival in old age (2).Recent research highlights the role of early-life factors that affect late-life mortality (3).For example, people born in April are older than people born in November when the high mortality of winter strikes them.The second hypothesis tests whether the differences are due to unobserved social factors that influence or result from the seasonal timing of births.

Remarkable reductions in old-age mortality over the past half century have fueled rapid growth of the elderly population and have led to a substantial increase in life expectancy (1).In particular, environmental conditions during the prenatal and early postnatal period have been found to influence adult health and mortality significantly (4, 5) although these results are still controversial (6, 7).We conjectured that the month of birth may be an indicator for environmental factors that are linked to the seasons of the year.For Austria and Australia, we used information from death certificates for all deaths that occurred in 1988–19–1997, respectively.We have found that month of birth and remaining life expectancy at age 50 are related.

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