Avan jogia and elizabeth gillies dating

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On the flip-side, there's Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies), a dark-natured girl acting as Tori's rival. Students are required to customize their lockers, live music in the hallways is more rule than exception, and nobody bats an eyelash at the eccentricities of their fellow schoolmates.Completing the cast are Caterina "Cat" Valentine (Ariana Grande), a hypersensitive girl on her own level of reality; Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett), an awkward and shy guy who is rarely seen without his puppet Rex Powers; and Beck Oliver (Avan Jogia), Jade's much more mellow significant other. Some of the show's plots are derived from the school, usually dealing with performances or assignments.She was friends with Andre Harris, Robbie Shapiro, Cat Valentine, and Beck Oliver since at least 2008, where they formed an official ping pong team at Hollywood Arts High School.(The Great Ping Pong Scam) She and Beck also began dating at some point this year (Jade Dumps Beck).It is a major part of the Nick Verse due to a major crossover (and a subsequent spin-off) with .During its run, it was highly well-regarded by fans for having a large batch of well thought out characters and some great laughs.However, Season 2 brought flanderizations galore that turned Cat dumber and amped up Jade's (and even ) mean spirit.The show's cancellation was confirmed in August 2012, while the 3rd season was still airing until its last episode on February 2013.

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Brown w/ blue, blonde, pink, white, and red highlights (Season 1)Dyed Black w/ blue and green highlights (Season 2)Dark Brown with blue, green, and purple highlights (Seasons 3)Dark Brown with purple highlights (Season 4) Jade West is one of the seven main characters in the Nickelodeon TV show Victorious.Other plots come from character interaction outside school walls, providing plenty of fuel for Shipping.It must be noted that, for a Nickelodeon show, the show can venture quite far into innuendo though considering Schneider's other show that was airing at the time, this is to be expected.Jade has a 'thing' for scissors, first shown in Wi-Fi in the Sky as her username on The Slap is 'Scissor Luv'.Her locker is also decorated with numerous scissors, her favorite (horror) movie is The Scissoring, and she even has a favorite pair as shown in her videos on The Slap and buys herself new pairs (Jade Gets Crushed).

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