Avg edition not updating

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There’s also a buttons at right-top to start updating it to the paid version.Under Windows 7 and Vista, the program pops out semi-transparent notifications when detecting threats while database updates slide up from the function tray at the bottom right corner of the screen.This features was once only available from previous paid Pro versions.Another new feature is its Auto Sandbox facility which puts suspicious executable files or programs to run safely in an isolated virtual environment where any virus damage is contained.Features As mentioned, Avast is equipped with built-in anti-rootkit and anti-spyware protection.

The viruses that load during startup are usually hard to remove; some of these viruses can even shut down virus protection once Windows starts.

Its main status page displays your PC’s overall security status with a link to manually put Avast into alert-free gaming mode though its automatically switches to this mode when it detects a full-screen display of any program such as movies and games.

And as expected, the rest of the page banners a suggestion to upgrade it to its full security suite.

Behavior Shield watches for rootkits and malware-like behavior.

Network Shield blocks malicious web sites, and Web Shield checks for dangerous downloads.

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