Barbie dating dressup games

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Barbie is getting ready for a Beauty And The Beast themed party and she has... Each girl wants to be dress differently and beautifully! This is not just any kind of social even, it is the social event of the year! Play this cute new game called Barbie Rainy Day Style to create the perfect outfit for Barbie and her two friends!

Barbie dreams of becoming a famous fashion designer and as you are going to see in this Barbie's Fashion Planner game, she is very creative and talented. Even though the rainy season is here, Barbie does not gets scared by a bit of wate... Discover the mythical world of fairies and create your own fairy version by playing this magical game Barbie Fairy Of The Woods!

Crimp hair is a trend that comes back in style from time to time and this winter is back on!

Join your favorite doll in her quest to become like her idol Wonder Woman by playing Barbie: A Wonder Woman Story!

She already has her Disney princesses friend like Elsa or Ariel. Barbie has waited for the summer too long, but the wait is over now. Fashion can be so addicting that window shopping is a fun activity for us, girls.

Join cute Barbie on her window shopping activity at the mall by playing a fresh new game: Barbie Window Shopping! Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, Barbie must look fabulous in every season.

Since their first meeting, the lovely girls are inseparable! It's Valentine's once again, and Barbie is the most excited about this because she has a hot date with her new crush. Play this new game called Barbie Vintage Florals to help the diva get the perfect outfits and hairstyle!

This spring, the girls are up for no good and want to have real fun like BF... Barbie adores the vintage floral trend and as she was invited to a cocktail party, she decid...

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