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This tells us how naturally people send messages and how much it saves them.

"You must make love to me." She began unbuttoning her top. Our adventure began when a friend of mine told me over lunch about a recent round of toe-curling sex, with him dressed as a pilot and his wife as a flight attendant. I couldn't possibly share my fantasies with Ivy, much less act them out. My basic ideas—doctor and nurse; professor and student—were embarrassing enough, but my darker ones about rough sex frightened even me. Nearly everyone has fantasies, and most of us are reluctant to explore them, says Brian Zamboni, Ph. "Then say, maybe, 'I've been having this fantasy lately. I wouldn't want to find out years into a relationship that my boyfriend had been wanting to role-play all along."Ivy and I proceeded gradually. Taking another step, pushing it a little—that's the best part."Butterflies can be a good thing; being nervous makes the role playing even better. "If she's very conservative, she may be more interested in a mild, better-accepted scenario," Dr. Some common ones: victim and rescuer, teacher and student, nurse and patient, French maid and baron.This study was conducted to see how text messaging is being used in the modern dating scene. The researchers found out that 68% of texters admitted to sending a love note, 67% have used text messaging to flirt, and 28% text at least three time a day with their spouse or significant other.In addition, 52% of texters said messages like ~I`m thinking of you~ are the most usual type of texts received.Haltzman recalls one woman's post on his Web site: "I'll let my husband sleep with whatever woman he wants, so long as she has my Social Security number."A woman I know, Suzanne, 29, has tried many classic scenarios: voyeurism, exhibitionism, playing a slut."I like exhibitionism, because I know I'm hot, and it feels powerful to rub it in sometimes," she says with a wicked laugh.

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