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Her date hadn't shown, leaving her at the restaurant, after waiting two hours, she had just left in tears.

I looked her in the eyes, those dark brown eyes and told her it would be ok.

Rinsing off one last time I jumped out of the shower and began drying off.

After drying off I put my hair back into a ponytail and went over my nails one last time.

I closed the distance and placed a light kiss upon her lips before quickly pulling away. I saw her lick her lips as we pulled away, but then she closed her eyes shook her head and said not now. I nodded my head in understanding pulled myself up to her ear and whispered, another time then, just let me know.

With that, I grabbed my bag and hurried out the door, I was burning up from the experience.

As I drove the thirty minute drive to her house I tried to calm myself, to steady my nerves and control my imagination.

Then one weekend rolled around and Meredith went away for a academic competition in Minnesota and I was left in town.

On Friday I received a text message on my cell phone. My heart skipped a beat as I checked the phone to read my message.

Needless to say, I was turned on as I held her in my arms and felt her arms wrap me up.

I told her that no guy in his right mind would do that to her. I looked her into her eyes and said, you don't need her, we can go on a date instead.

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