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‘My husband is a great man, he really is,’ she says simply.

Inevitably, after everything blew up, she feared that he would leave her.

In 2004 Spectator publisher Kimberly Quinn suffered a high-profile humiliation following her scandalous affair with the then Home Secretary David Blunkett.

But with her husband’s support and her reinvention as a children’s author, she is finally moving on.

She has a term for her downfall: it was her ‘hubris nemesis’. I was very much taught what was right and wrong and in my perception of things I did something that was very wrong.In August 2004, news of the affair and its acrimonious ending broke.Blunkett was then accused of having fast-tracked a visa application for the Quinns’ Filipina nanny.In the middle of the kitchen, however, one space is reserved for a montage of pictures taken the day of her wedding to Stephen, her unstintingly loyal husband.At 65, he is regarded as an éminence grise of the magazine world and, in the aftermath of the Blunkett furore, he was the only one to emerge with steadfast dignity.

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