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The Nintendo DS also featured games based on the film, but they are fundamentally different from the console titles.

The games Superman have also had some cancellations, a sign which states the fact that the creators of the games are concerned about keeping their standards high.

As for Clark Kent, he combined the names of Clark Gable and Kent Taylor. The phrase “I am not Superman” or “you are not Superman” is a commonly used idiom that expresses somebody’s lack of omnipotence.

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As for genius, my grandfather always told me there was a fine line between a genius and and an idiot and I was walking it.

On this page you will find Superman Games to play online for free.

Choose the superman game that you want to play from the list above.

In what concerns Superman’s name, his creators, Jerry Siegel and John Shuster, stated: “Jerry created all the names.

We were great movie fans, and were inspired a lot by the actors and actresses we saw.

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