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If you think football is called 'soccer' then you are probably lost and should look elsewhere.If this is your first visit then please be aware that you will probably be offended by the majority of the comments on this site. To view anything remotely interesting you need to REGISTER otherwise you will be stuck looking at the public forum which is quite frankly shite.Jennifer and John WP/ADH 7/17/05 welcome and congratulations.hmmm i voted April because the weather when I have been there has been lovely.We got married in july because I am a teacher and couldn't take more than a week off to get married so we wanted a longer trip. I voted May simply because I got married in April and would never recommend it to anyone. I love being able to talk to experts on Disney Weddings here!!it wasn't bad and everyone had a really complained about the heat the day of because they were air conditioned all day. Every time we want to do something for our anniversary it's a PITA because we are considered in the "Spring Break" window and it costs more and reservations are harder to get. I was concerned about the weather being too hot in the summer time but I guess choosing a date on a school break would be too crowded and flights would be expensive. Please let me know where everyone had their ceremony and reception?!?? I am planning on inviting 150 guests (which is still less than I would have wanted to invite) and my budget is ,000 including photographer and videographer.It may be something to consider when you budget - I love the idea of teachers having their students at their weddings but it's a long haul from upstate NY, especially if you teach younger ones!it will be busy in the summer but its honestly the same as the other school vacations.

I am SO excited to start my Disney Wedding Planning!!Officially the most popular football related message board in the whole world.Fans of other football teams are welcome, but please expect to get the piss taken out of you.But I am also a teacher in NY and have to say that trying to plan your event around a teachers schedule (i dont know if you are a teacher or not) is hard to do.Problem is anytime you do that you have crowd issues. Same with spring break although it can be a bit nicer.

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