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The opening of the recordset takes place in the Open New Recordset subprocedure, called from this event procedure.The Cursor Location property is then set to the built-in constant ad Use Client.

All three connect to an ODBC Data Source, which must be set up through the Windows Control Panel. Follow the steps below to set up an ODBC Data Source (this process is also called "setting up a DSN", where "DSN" stands for "Data Source Name").Our latest hotfix ( was released on May 24, 2018 and is a rollup of issues addressed since the last General Availability Release.Active subscribers of Spreadsheet Gear can download this hotfix from the Licensed Users Downloads page.The term "cursor" refers to the temporary rows of a recordset. Client-side cursors can take a long time to build because the data must be pulled over to the client, but once built, traversing the cursor is usually very fast.The cursor location determines whether the cursor is stored on the client or the server, specified by the values ad Use Client and ad Use Server, respectively. Client-side cursors often support more features than server-side cursors (the reason this sample application is using a client-side cursor is because we want to use Absolute Position property later, which only works with a client-side cursor).

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