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All children need the support of both parents and as such, they are also legally entitled to it.If you are the non-custodial, or non-principal residence parent, and your children are under the age of majority or unable to live independently for a valid reason such as illness, disability or because they are attending school at a post secondary level etc.Except in rare instances, parents are required to follow these tables.However, in some cases you may be required to pay more than the table amounts indicate.There are two ways a child support arraignment can be created.

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Such agreements are always subject to review by a Court if either of the parties later became dissatisfied with their agreement, or if either party later applies for a divorce.

This decision comes at a significant cost to the non custodial parent and it can be reflected by a decreased amount of child support.

If calculating child support amounts and setting up agreements is not something you are comfortable doing, or if you are not in an amicable situation with your ex, then it is always best that you get advice and involvement from professionals.

It also provides a list of contacts for information about the family justice system in each individual province/territory.

Child Support is not taxed as income in the hands of the Recipient, nor is it deductible by the Payer.

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