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Aired 11-12n ET • Oldest Pearl Harbor Survivor Commemorates Memorial Day; Dueling GOP Factions Battle Over Immigration Bill; Hawaii Lava Flows Destroy More Buildings As Residents Flee. Lawmakers Attend Briefings on Confidential Source; Harvey Weinstein Expected to Face Race Charges in NY; Investigators: Malaysia Airliner Downed by Russian Missile; Facebook and Others Sued for Allegedly Violating New Law.Aired 12-1pm ET • Freed American Prisoner On Plane Home To U. Aired 1-2a ET • Trump Open to Summit; Weinstein in Court; Weinstein Bond at Million;.Aired 3-4a ET • Administration Wants More Talks; Trump on NFL Rule Change; Pelosi on Impeachment; Trump on Comey Firing; North Korean Summit Canceled.Aired -10a ET • North Korean Official: Trump Risking Nuclear Showdown; Trump Allies Pushing "Spy" Theory as Fact; Activist Bringing Education to Rohingya Refugees; Emmanuel Macron in Russia for High-Stakes Talks with Vladimir Putin; Boston Celtics 96, Cleveland Cavaliers 83; NFL Announces New National Anthem Policy; Carlo Ancelloti To Replace Maurizio Sarri At Napoli.Aired -3p ET • President Trump Cancels Summit with North Korean's Kim Jong-un.Aired 10-a ET • Trump Pushes Unproven Campaign Spy Claims; DOJ to Conduct Two Separate Briefings on FBI Source; NFL Players Face Fines for Not Standing for National Anthem; U. Car Imports May be Next Target for Tariffs; CNN Witnesses Apparent Destruction of North Korean Test Site.Aired 2-3p ET • North and South Koreans Leaders Hold Surprise Meeting; Trump Announces Release of American Prisoner in Venezuela; Trump Praises Teach Who Stopped School Shooting; Weinstein Charged with Rape, Other Sex Crimes; Volcanic Explosions Producing Ash Cloud in Hawaii; Florida Governor Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Alberto.

; Morgan Freeman Accused of Sexual Harassment; North Korea Nuclear Summit Falls Apart.

Aired 1-2a ET • Starbucks Anti-Bias Training; Race Relations in America; Trump Imposing Tariffs on Chinese Goods; Supreme Court Rejects Arkansas Abortion Case. Aired 2-3a ET • Report: ABC Cancels "Roseanne" Show; Black ABC CEO Stops Show Because Of Racist Rants; Trump's New Accusation: Mueller Will Meddle in Midterm Elections.

Aired 2-p ET • President Trump Pushing More Conspiracy Theories; ABC Cancels 'Roseanne' Following Racist Tweets. And North Korea Race To Revive Trump-Kim Summit; Giuliani: Attacks Are Strategy To Sway Public Opinion; Former IMF Official Appointed As Italy's Interim PM.

Aired 3-p ET • 8000 Starbucks Stores Shut Down for Anti-Bias Training; Kim's Former Spy Chief Heading to U. For Talks About A Summit; Trump People Defend Separating Children from Parents at The Border; Giuliani Booed at Yankee Stadium. Aired 12-1a ET • Is Trump Winning Effort to Demonize Mueller; Puerto Rican Deaths from Hurricane Maria Higher than Reported; Trump: U.

S./North Korea Summit Back on Track as former Spy Heads to U.

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