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Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. They can hardly be contemporary, as, except in the metropolis, two families of overpowering importance would not exist in the same place. If reference be again made to the survey given in PL u., it will be seen that the oldest of the dated tombs (No.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. 14) is situated at the extreme northern end of the southern group^ and that it is probably later than its southern neighbour is shown by its plan (see PI.

These pits were filled up with stone debris, but the greater number of them haye been cleared and rifled. At the east end of the main chamber is the shrine, a small chamber with flat ceiling.

A plan and sections of one of the latter are shown on PL xxiii., but for the most part the pits of the lower range are merely perpendicular shafts hewn in the rock, with one or more sepulchral chambers formed simply by the shafts being continued in a horizontal or inclined direction. 15 and 17, but the portions between the columns and end walls are usually curved in the form of a segmental vault, the axis of which runs transversely to that of the tomb. Those with an open outer court, a portico, a main chamber, and a shrine. The main chambers are divided into three aisles by two rows of 16- sided fluted columns, which support curved ceilings similar to those of the portico. n mr pr to the steward n [sic] dd sn let them say, Hnmhtp Chnemhotep, pr J}rw the percheru tihkt bread and beer.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I ^^^^ ARCH /EOLOGICAL SURVEY OF EGYPT H Eoi Tt O QV F.

& is for the usual determinative of Hathor wearing disk and horns, and holding 1 T a compound sign, a peculiar forked object upon the sign rsn . LIST OF PLATES (WITH REFEBENOBS TO THE PAGES ON WHICH THBT ABB DBSCBIBED).

At the top of the wall is a line of painted hieroglyphs reading ^ ^^ /JTIn q m R v Q Q "*^ P) § Below is a hunting scene^ much mutilated. The bottom rows show soldiers attacking a fortress ; and an interesting group of foreigners (Libyan), who are being led by an Egyptian superintendent, are figiured at the south end of the fourth row (see PI. be a gronp of a man standing supporting a cjnocephalns-ape by the fore-legs, erect and facing him. — Plates vii.-ix., xi.-xx., xxix, xxx., xxxii.-xxxyn., xlvi., xlyii.

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