Chris evans and robert downey jr dating

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With over a dozen A-list stars that have to be accommodated in one movie, the actors’ billing on the posters reveal interesting insights into the legal aspects of movie marketing.

A recent article on Vulture titled ‘Analyzing the crazy, complicated credits of Avengers: Infinity War’ did exactly that.

Both posters offer new arrangements as to where (and how big) certain superheroes are in relation to others.

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They seemed like normal people on a date."The following night, Evans and Slate joined Robert Downey Jr.

Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper receive the usual ‘as Groot and as Rocket’ credit, while Chris Pratt, who is currently juggling three major franchises, brings up the rear.

The Vulture piece speculates that this was probably a conscious move on the part of Pratt’s lawyers, who decided on the position when they realised that Pratt would not be getting a credit in the first few spots. This tactic has also been utilised by both Benicio del Toro and Gwyneth Paltrow, who both receive a ‘with’ credit.

But Thor’s last solo adventure, Ragnarok, became his most successful solo film yet.

But it’s even more interesting to note that Evans has been relegated to number four, sandwiched between Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson - two actors who don’t even have their own franchises within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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