Chris harrison emily maynard dating

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Will Emily Maynard return to Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor?

“Bachelor” host Chris Harrison spoke with the press Thursday (Sept.

While that may be true, the show's producers have already come under fire for casting a race car driver, Arie -- which many view as a cheap shot to provoke feelings about her late fiance.

Were you surprised that Brad chose Emily in the end? I wasn't surprised at who the final two were or Emily ending up with the final rose.

Not so this season, which will see the return of Emily Maynard, the Southern Belle and one-time fiancee to past "Bachelor" Brad Womack.

Maynard, a 26-year-old from North Carolina, won the sympathies of viewers during Womack's season after she revealed her high school sweetheart, a race car driver, had tragically died in a plane crash.

saw Brad Womack proposing to Emily Maynard in a romantic setting in South Africa, telling the children's hospital events planner that she was his "once in a lifetime", and pledging to take care of her and her young daughter Ricki before dropping to one knee to pop the question.

The couple appeared on afterwards, where Emily admitted that she wasn't ready to marry Brad yet, saying that she wanted them to spend more time together, although she insisted that she loved him and saw wedding bells in their future.

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