Columbia study on race and dating

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One consequence of greater integration following the end of Apartheid is the increase in numbers of "mixed couples", particularly in the Cape but also in Gauteng and other parts of the country. I found an article from an African-American blogger called Abagond. Both are brief but are significant in that the first concluded simply that white men are (booo! White men with black women are not as common in America as you might expect.

They were known for their 1940s experiments using dolls to study children's attitudes about race.

The Clarks testified as expert witnesses in Briggs v.

So, Abagond sets off to educate herself, reading a 2002-4 study from Columbia University on the subject of race and dating.

She came up with a "part II" to her article on race, summing up the findings of the study thus: Yet on the other hand I cannot shake from my mind the way white men, at least in New York, act as if black women are not living, breathing women.

Like some of the white commenters, they see them as black first and women second – if at all.

But if you date outside, it makes a statement that you are not racist.

Her father also supplemented his income as a manager at a nearby vacation resort.

Her mother helped him in his practice and encouraged both their children in education. Her father’s occupation and income allowed them to live a middle-class lifestyle and even got them into some white-only parts of town.

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While the explicit purpose of OKCupid is to help users find romance, the site's co-founder Christian Rudder has discovered a dual purpose for the information produced through the dating site.

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