Creative dating ideas for married couples

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Don’t fall into the habit of “date night” meaning dinner out and possibly a movie.Try some of these date night ideas for married couples that are more unusual to let your partner see you in a different light. Date night ideas for married couples don’t have to be dull, go on an adventure!In his book “250 Ways to be Romantic,” Author Barry Rosen suggests planning an “All Out Backyard Dinner” for your sweetheart.He describes how one man transformed his backyard into a romantic outdoor restaurant complete with a canopied dining area, a table draped in a fine linen cloth, fresh-cut flowers, long tapered candles and fine china.You can use the geocaching app (link above) or any geocaching website to find your clues and get on your way.I live in a small town that is at least an hour in any direction from any real city so I thought there was no way there would be any hidden near me.

Afterward, the couple danced to music playing on a nearby stereo and spent time looking at the stars.

Married couples who wish to add some romance to their dates will discover many new options if they think outside the box.

Instead of a predictable dinner at a restaurant or an evening at the cinema, search out overlooked and unexpected venues for your dates, like a nearby waterway or even your backyard.

For example, private companies in Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles offer gondola rides on nearby lakes and rivers.

The La Salle Canal Boat gives one-hour rides on its mule-pulled boat that travels on the historic Illinois and Michigan Canal near Chicago.

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