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- teacher role: coach or model.1) Nature of content -- values and assumptions - why are sports so important to Americans? 2) Learning objectives - demonstrate an ability: to infer; to generalize; to suspend judgment, - curiosity; tolerance; sensitivity; empathy.

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This helps students to realize they already know many words in the target language (i.e. Some of the foods they eat are another example of the influence of foreign cultures (i.e. A good introductory activity is to send students on cultural scavenger hunts to supermarkets and department stores and have them make lists of imported goods.4) Note - learners engage in actively using their powers of induction, analysis and intuition to draw conclusions about cultural information or experiences -- like anthropologists.- teacher role: co-researcher or guide.1) Nature of content -- self-awareness - what importance do sports have in YOUR life?- how did it feel to act like Americans do at a football game? 2) Learning objectives: by behavior/statements demonstrate understanding of ones' feelings, values, opinions, attitudes, and act upon them.3) Techniques/activities - learners examine and make statements about themselves, - reflective writing, - feedback on above activities. We have already concluded that teaching culture needs to be integrated in the curriculum of the foreign language.

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