Dating advise why wont he ask me out

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A year after our break up i dicovered that he had in fact been seing someone else during the whole time.

I confronted him, and he admited it – saying he got into this relationship intentionally so he wouldn’t get back together with me, as he had done so many times before.

He is so much older so why is he behaving so immaturely?

i don’t understand why he can’t even answer a text or pick up the phone.

He had spoken to a common friend of ours in confidence and told her that he still loved me but that he got along better with this other woman in other areas.

I was devastated when i discovered he’d been lying to me. The same day i found out about his lies and confronted him i told him how i felt, and then told him i forgave him and that all he could have done was be honest with me and i would have understood.

I then sent him a lot of angry texts about how embarassed i had felt by this behaviour and how hurt i was. Speaking with this friend she told me i should move on with my life and that she felt he didn’t want to speak to me out of fear of bringiing up old feelings.

He told her he wanted to “not start up again, making the same mistakes we had made in the past”.

After that i texted him again asking him if he was avoiding me intentionally. A common friend of ours called me telling me that he had spoken to her and asked her to act as a mediator as he did not want to speak to me.I basically grew up with him and he was my first relationship.We separated because he had a lot of commitment issues and would not move in with me [he’s had many relationships, but ours was his longest].I miss him as a person sometimes and i feel like i have lost someone really important that i grew up with.[let me mention that i have a lot of feelings of abandonment because my parents were divirced when i was 5 and my father moved back to the united states and re-married and had 2 more children – even though i saw him every summer – i had a lot of issues with this].

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