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One way to recognize the difference between an abuser and the person they’re hurting is the willingness to seek change.

Admitting to unhealthy or abusive behavior, committing to stopping, reaching out for help and asking about the process of change are things that abusive people rarely do.

The excuse of “mutual abuse” also allows the abusive partner to shift blame.

We know that abusive partners rarely take responsibility for their actions and that blame shifting is a common tactic.

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    Excessive amounts of skincare and I’m pretty happy.” “I think a few times I’ve gotten in to arguments or discussions and I’ve been more likely to feel the tears coming a bit, but I’ve actually made a promise to myself where if that happens I can just explain, ‘Look, I’m on my period, I’m going to be slightly more hormonal.

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    She studied art history in Paris, came back to the States and joined the circus.

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    Younger teen, kids and youths are encouraged to log on with the supervision of an adult, parent or guardian, especially when using the video webcams service feature.