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She recused herself as judge over the wills after her brother filed suit, but she had remained a personal representative.

If Gray's ruling is left to stand, she would only be a beneficiary of the estates and could be held liable for damages.

A fatal crash that left a 16-year-old passenger dead in Lumpkin County, bore some all too familiar elements.

There was a teen driver and the car left the road and hit a tree over the weekend.

The Mari­etta Daily Jour­nal reported on a fatal crash that occurred on River­side Park­way in Austell that claimed the life of a passenger on Octo­ber 29, 2013.

The report said police stated the dri­ver of a 2002 Chevro­let Monte Carlo was “speed­ing north­bound on River­side Park­way” when he lost con­trol of his car and hit a bicy­clist who was rid­ing on the west­ern shoul­der of the road.

Gray, the senior judge, was taken aback in a telephone interview to learn of Martin's death.

Julia Lumpkin has refused to discuss her parents' estates, but has said the case had no bearing on her decision not to seek re-election this fall.

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My thoughts are with the family of this 16-year-old whose life was tragically cut short.

Attorneys for Julia Lumpkin argued that Frank Lumpkin waived her disqualification years ago -- it was never put in writing -- and that she technically did not appoint herself co-executrix because her chief clerk admitted the wills to probate.

Frank Lumpkin's attorneys noted it was still Julia Lumpkin's court that made the appointment, which they argued was void from the start. was a well-known insurance man and banker who accumulated significant wealth and left millions of dollars to charity and local institutions, gifts that weren't affected by his children's legal wrangling.

Now the state requires teens younger than 17 to pass a driver’s edu­ca­tion course to obtain a license.

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