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The actress who would put women half her age to shame landed the cover of Essence August 2012 where she posed happily alongside her two sons, Massai and baby Kez, right before sitting down for a quick chat with one of the magazine's editors and gushing on being in the best shape of he...Read More Calzedonia is the ultimate obsession when it comes to hosiery and beachwear.However, it is more important to go for the right length and shape in order to flatter your round features.

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There's nothing more glamorous than pairing copper with the natural color of your eyes.This shade has the power to both boost the size of the eyes and at the same time add a fairy tale flair to your face.The streets and also the red carpet was 'infected' by this n... I swear the guy's melon couldn't even fit through a car window. LOOK AT THE GAME LAST SEASON AGAINST BALTIMORE, I WAS THERE, AND I FROZE WATCHING THE PATRIOTS SUCK. probably lasso'd her with his 7'6" china man schlong. Yao's head has to be like the size of her entire upper torso.

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