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Smoking not some kind of cigarettes, but huge local cigars is old tradition among women of Burma.

It’s a pleasure to watch a Burmese woman smoking a caruta. The ordinary inhalation and exhalation of smoke turns into a ceremony.

In principle, Buddhism does not prohibit polygamy, and it used to be practiced, primarily by kings and nobles. Smoking woman can easily come in the street to a man and ask for a light.

Now in Myanmar, women are forbidden to enter the most sacred places of the pagodas, climbing their upper platforms.

Many Burmese women ask in a future life to be reborn as a man while praying. The well-being of many families often depends on the woman and her work.

Long scarves and stuff like that you won’t not even see in Burma.

Burmese women do not wear headgear at all, unless they work in the field – then they put on wide-reed cane hats.

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