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This prospect is on the east side of a souht tributary to Hurtle Creek; it is 1.7 miles southwest of elevation about 5,640 at an elevation of 4,000 feet in the NE1/4 section 8, T. It is locality 48 of Cobb and Matson (1972) and included in locality 40 of Winkler and others (1981 [OFR 80-892-B]). This prospect is probably located to within 1 mile. M., Jr., 1981, Geologic map and summary geochronology of the Valdez quadrangle, southern Alaska: U. Geological Survey Open-File Report 80-892-A, 2 sheets, scale 0,000.

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When these minerals occur as inclusions in certain other minerals, most notably the mica family, they are often seen to develop discoloration, or "pleochroic" haloes.Radiometric dating indicates that the veins formed from 57 to 49 Ma (Goldfarb and others, 1997, p. W, 1997, Gold deposits in metamorphic rocks in Alaska, in Goldfarb, R. D., eds., Mineral Deposits of Alaska: Economic Geology Monograph 9, p. C., eds., The Geology of Alaska: Geological Society of America, DNAG, The Geology of North America, Vol. 171) when deep parts of the accreted Valdez Group flysch underwent high-grade metamorphism and partial melting (Hudson, 1994). The mineral grains in these rocks can grow very large and are readily distinguished in hand samples.Granite is a well-known type of plutonic igneous rock, but there are many others as well.

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