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Society 322 is called the Thule Society, Skull & Bones or Brotherhood of Death aka SS. Rosicrucian "Father of America" Comte de St Germain said "America was given to be free"; One Nation Under God is not Free, unless that god is Lucifer, the Serpent from the Garden of Eden.Should Mike Pence become US President, you may want to read up on "The Family" Pence is a rabid Zionist/Satanist who admires mass murderers Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin SJ, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung and assorted Arfican Kleptocrat Dictators. The US (John Mc Cain is the principal ISIS arms broker), Russia, Turkey (Google Mol Comfort and Nour M), Saudi Arabia.

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Jesus warned "Creditors make Slaves of Debtors"; He prohibited Usury (Charging Interest) because there is never enough money to pay the Principle Interest.

The pre Inaugural Concert was at the Lincoln Memorial because Lincoln (Joshua Speed), like Pence was Gay and presided over the Civil War and has the Fasces (Symbol of Fascism) on this Throne.

Pence speaking with Elephants in the Room; all the Stars are upside down for a reason. Pence is a T-Party shill; T-Party HQ at Union Square Park also has the US Flag supported by the Fasces; just as the Fasces adorns the Supreme Court Doors, Speaker's Rostrum and Oval Office Doors.

The US is a CORPORATION with a CORPORATE CONSTITUTION that provides no rights for Citizens; Flags bounded in Gold Fringe place America under Admiralty Law administered from the City of London Corporation aka "Square Mile".

CORPORATE Balance Sheepts must balance Assets with Liabilities and Equity.

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