Dating royal doulton plates

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The high temperature needed to produce perfect pieces made Billingsley soft paste method difficult to fire.

As much as 90% of production was ruined in the firing process and was taken from the kiln damaged and unusable.

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After painting at Derby for five years, his convictions led him towards the Quakers.

William Billingsley was one of best flower painters at Derby together with William Pegg.

Roses were his favourite subject, and china decorated with borders of his ‘running roses’ became a special feature of the Derby factory.

Renowned for superb quality porcelain, Royal Crown Derby utilised the services of some of the best and most respected ceramics artists.

They included great names like William Quaker Pegg, William Billingsley, Cuthbert Gresley, Zachariah Boreman, John Brewer, Albert Gregory and Daniel Lucas In the early days William ‘Quaker’ Pegg took over from William Billingsley as chief flower painter and early Derby and Chelsea-Derby cabinet plates bear the most wonderful depictions of flowers and plants of any porcelain.

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