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The demonstrations involve role-playing different scenarios to show some of the techniques in action.So one of the guys will approach the girl and pretend to try and pick her up, testing out a particular tactic.If you already have some experience you might not need any further details than what's presented here, but for complete beginners you'd be better to start out with an introductory product like Make Women Want You by Jason Capital.One thing you should determine before buying this product is what type of success with women you're looking for.If you're less experienced and don't really know how to talk to girls and keep conversations going, there probably won't be enough content here to really fix this issue for you.You might want to check out Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy by Bobby Rio which will give you a conversational framework that you can use.Super Natural is made up of five core videos as well as a bonus video, Super Natural Survivor.The core program runs for a total of just under 90 minutes and the bonus video for just over 70 minutes.

Most dating systems usually include this subject within their model somewhere but that's not the case here.The two guys seem like they have a decent skill level but I would't say they are the most advanced guys I've seen either.They're able to improvise situations and conversation and overall they portray some attractive characteristics.This is a series of short videos that attempts to teach and demonstrate how 'naturals' interact with women.It takes you through the process from the initial conversation through to getting physical.

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