Dating silverface deluxe reverb

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We tend to select guitar amps to cover in Sound On Sound because they either use new technology or are particularly suitable for recording in a typical project–studio setup.

Well, conventional wisdom is usually so for a reason - I recently picked up a '78 Deluxe Reverb, my second after a short-lived fling with a '68 Custom reissue. "Living room" volume with the old speaker was like 4, here it is at 2 on the volume knob. Maybe not the best choice for a bedroom player, but for a gigging musician playing mostly country and jazz gigs, just right. It's a big heavy amp with a big clean sound, exactly what a clean headroom guy wants to hear.When I first got the speaker, I was very put off by how bright it was, but after doing my research, I used the audiotools app on my i Phone to run a 60hz square wave through it for 8-10 hours at a time while i was at work.After about 60 hours of sending tones through it, and 15-20 hours of playing, I can't believe that this is the same amp.I switched over to my 335 and the sound was also full and put out rich bell tones.I typically set the Pro with the treble rolled back to 5 and the bass at 5 since it is bright.

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