Dating sites for lesbianssalt lake city

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If you’re like me you’ll spend a lot of time going to house parties or playing games at a friends’ house or going to straight bars in large groups.

But if the bar scene isn’t really your thing anyways, no big deal. don’t expect to feel tipsy after only a couple drinks here.

), a pretty good sized smoking patio, dancing cages, a stage, and sometimes has bad fried foods in the back bar.

Oh, and the cocktail waitresses carry around dollar shots that have such names as “Wet Pussy,” “Sloppy Pussy,” and “Sour Pussy.” Basically, amazing!

I like this bar because they have a whole menu of different kinds of shots. It’s usually loud and just gets louder and more rambunctious as it gets later.

This bar also hosts queer events every once in a while.

Arches National Park, Canyonlands, Zion, and Bryce Canyon are also all within about 4 hours of Salt Lake City.The Paper Moon In every city I’ve visited with a dyke bar, they’re all about the same: kind of dive-y, usually some pool tables, a selection of regular bar flies and bad lesbian fashion.The Paper Moon is no exception but also has a giant lipstick in the corner (which I love!If you want to get your dance on, Saturdays are really the only nights where a lot of people go, although Fridays have DJ’s as well.The Moon also has poker and pool nights and karaoke.

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