Dating sites playa del carmen

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I stay at the Caribe Sol hotel right on Quinta Avenida between 4th and 6th streets and get a little apartment for about 40 bucks a night overlooking the main drag.

There’s plenty of places to stay, especially small hotels a block or two off Quinta.

The Mexican girls can easily be picked up and taken home the same night.

A lot of the more touristy ones on the main drag are very nice looking but with shitty food. This little town always has lots and lots of pretty girls walking around. They may have a rich man but they could also be some rich Mafia’s guy’s daddy’s little girl.They’re actually feeling neglected, because all the Mexican guys are crazy for white skin, they’re always slobbering after even fat mediocre white tourist chicks.At night, the key is to find the cute threesome of Mexican girls in the corner of the club that no one is hitting on much and go say hello.I personally love the darker girls as the “guerras” are too high maintainance, though I did date an entirely Euro looking famous model there once. Club Med Cancun is a great value, has lots of single girls who really want to hook up including the french staff, and has the best beach and reef in Cancun, hands down.The chocolate Mexican girls would give me their phone numbers because I was dating someone well known. Show up with a knock-out and you gain massive points, which is why I rolled with HOT wing girls from then on.

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