Dating someone you find unattractive

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You remember the story from Krilov when you have this wolf sees these grapes over the fence and he tries to get them and he can't get them and eventually he said, "Ah, they were sour anyway," and he goes and eats something else. So you could imagine if you're unattractive yourself, you start valuing...

And the first thing you can ask is, do they have different ratings?

So now the question is, what happens to people in the middle? Or, what happens to people in the middle, how do we make sense of where we are in the social hierarchy?

And for me that thought actually became very kind of crucial and apparent when I got injured.

Dan Ariely: So "assortative mating" is the idea that if you took all men and you ranked them on how attractive they are, from the most attractive to the least attractive and you rated all women from the most attractive to the least attractive, and you can think about attractiveness as built, being built from lots of stuff—like it’s not just beauty, it could be beauty and intelligence and so on—but if you created this, it was mostly about beauty, but, you know, if you created that, it turns out that the most attractive would date the most attractive.

The middle attractive would basically date the middle, and the low would date the low.

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