Dating taking things slow

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Science used to claim that men are more sexual than women, but this was due to inaccurate study-results.Women have been proven to lie more than men in surveys. According to recent studies, porn consumption affects dopamine production- a hormone responsible for controlling your ejaculation reflex.If you have well trained pelvic muscles, you can learn the squeeze-and-hold-technique, allowing you to hold in your ejaculation when orgasming, without losing your erection. Once you can feel the muscle, you’ll want to start practicing.Go pee and then lie on your back with knees bent and spread apart.When it got to the point where it affected my relationships, I had to do something about my premature ejaculation problem.

The good news is that many men have found ways around this issue, and so can you!

As guys, we tend to think we need to have sex with a girl for hours on end to really please her. Guys - stop worrying about the size of your member. In a 2012 study, researchers found that over sixty percent of women don't care about the size of their partner’s penis.

Also, the average penis size is actually much smaller than most men believe.

Kegel exercises work out your pelvic floor muscle in order to give you more control over your orgasm.

The muscles that control your orgasm are similar to those that control the flow of urine when you urinate.

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