Dating tama starclassic drums

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The Tama version of the Camco pedal is commonly referred to as the Tamco pedal to distinguish it from an original Camco pedal.

Tama integrated all the engineering from Camco into their production process and the overall level of quality of their drums increased virtually overnight.

Tama's top-of-the-line series of stands aimed at traveling musicians, as Road Pro stands for "Road-Proven".

Octobans are 6-inches in diameter and are manufactured in eight different lengths (hence the prefix "octo-") up to 600mm (23.5 in).

They vary in pitch by using different shell lengths, rather than widths.

The original plan was to market the low-end Tama drums to beginners and use the Camco brand to sell high-end drums to professional musicians.

However, even the professionals were starting to use the Tama drums because of the low cost of the Asian-made drums with the (now) high quality of hardware.

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