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Add a sweet chorus and some long delay over that and you are in tonal heaven. I won't go into the blues scales David uses or the mechanics and theory of the type of music he plays, but below are are a few pointers about the style and techniques of playing.

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Really slow tremolo is hard to master, but it is key to this style of playing.Much of what people think is the gear making a solo sound good is simply the fingers making the gear sound good.For example, Big Muff's tend to be a bit harsh and fizzy, and can sound dull and fuzzy on low notes, but when you add some fluidity and subtle thumb-pick harmonics to your playing like Gilmour does, it makes the Big Muff sound very un-Muff like, and brings something out of the Muff that you can't get with any other fuzz pedal.Touching the thumb to the string when picking is extremely important in creating subtle note coloring harmonics in solos.This allows David to use many different pedals, yet still sound like himself.

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