Disaster movie lyrics dating

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" "Slut," "You hit like a p*ssy," "Tranny" (transvestite), "A real slut, actually," "You're totally hot," "Now tickle my pickle," "You just got wolfed," "Stupid ass," "Piss off," "You don't want to mess with a bitch straight out of rehab," "Bloody hell," "Bottoms up," "Let's punk his ass," "You're such a douche," "Back off, bitch," "Take that, bitch," "Nice shot, asshole," "Dumb ass," "Dude," "What the hell /was that (for)/is going on?

" "Shut up," "Later, bitch," "Wake up, you drunk jackass," "Punk ass," "Hell no," "Wake up and smell the Prius," "Crack-head Winehouse," "High plumber's crack," "You stuck up bitch," "I'm already knocked up," "You bastard," "Home skillet," "Kemo sabe," "Oh damn," "Look at that ass" (song lyric), "Bro," "Now you're pissing me off," "Bad ass," "Chilly willy out," "Whatever," "Chick," "Toe-tag your ass," "It's kind of gay, bro," "Oh hell no," "Get ready to feel the thunder," "Skidoosh," "Screw this" and "Indiana my ass." Calvin and the fairytale Prince get into a street dance off, doing exaggerated moves.

For those prone to visually induced motion sickness, there's shaky camera movement whenever the meteorites hit.

Hancock holds a bottle of booze and we see some empties around him.

Some of that has bloody results, and it's possible some of that and some visuals (including that of severed limbs and a head) might be unsettling to the youngest of kids, even if it's played for comedy.

Calvin answers his shoe phone, but then realizes there's excrement on the bottom of it that's now on his cheek.

We see an imagined bit (on Calvin's part) where Lisa and Carmen Electra's character do various wrestling moves in a wrestling ring while scantly clad (lots of cleavage, some partial bare butt, fishnet stockings, etc.).

We see Amy with a buff Calvin Klein model who's wearing just tight underwear (a woman later comments on what he's smuggling in them -- referring to his genitals).

The Enchanted Princess says that's true, saying she'll show that for or some meth.

During a fight, Juney sprays breast milk all over Carrie (from Sex and the City), and we then hear her unborn child's foot come out and see it kick Carrie in the face, covered in baby goo.

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